Booster Blitz (Magic Minigame)
[The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Minigame ]

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    Set: The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Minigame
    Rarity: Common
    • 2 players | • 2 packs | • 10 minutes


    Best your opponent in a series of fast Magic games using only the cards in a single pack!


    Each player opens a pack and makes four face-down piles of three cards each using the Magic cards inside. Players make their piles with the goal of winning a series of Magic games with these modified rules:

    Players start at 5 life, have infinite mana, and cannot lose by drawing from an empty library.


    Randomly determine who goes first. Each player chooses which pile their opponent will use for each round. Then both players draw all three of their cards and play a game of Magic. When a player loses a game, they get to go first in the next game.

    TO WIN:

    The first player to win two games wins the match.

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